Overweight black lab dog

How to Know if Your Dog is Overweight

Did you know that obesity in pets is defined as just 15% over their ideal body weight. That is just a seven pound gain in a 50 pound dog. Just like people, overweight cats and dogs are at greater risk of health problems, including hypertension, cardiac fatigue, pancreatitis, diabetes and colitis. Excessive weight gain can also aggravate arthritis, hip dysplasia and other joint problems.

What causes obesity in pets?

The cause of obesity is excessive calorie intake and lack of adequate exercise. What’s the answer? Feed your dogs a controlled diet of high quality dog food. Don’t overfeed treats and avoid feeding human dinner scraps to your pets. Get out and exercise. Enjoy the out of doors and make it a part of your daily routine with your dog.

Use this Healthy Weight Calculator to see if your dog is overweight:

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