e Collar Dog Training

Dog training with an ecollar

Learn how to safely use a remote electronic training collar with your dog. Open to most dogs over one year of age. Trainer may request that owner complete a basic obedience program prior to starting with an e-collar. Call ahead for recommendation on which collar to purchase and pre-session instructions.

What is an e-collar?

An e-collar, or remote electronic training collar, is a useful dog training tool that allows a trainer or owner to enforce consistency in a dog’s compliance to cues. The dog handler uses a hand-held transmitter to apply a stimulation to the dog via a receiver collar that is worn by the dog.

Older model collars only had one setting: HOT, thus the old name of “shock collar.” Fortunately, modern day e-collars can be set on many different levels of stimulation. Effective and humane e-collar training should be done on the lowest possible level of stimulation that the dog can feel. At this level, the stimulation is usually felt as no more than an annoying vibration to the dog. This is usually enough to get compliance from a dog at a distance. Perfect for when your dog has found something dead and stinky 300 yards away and is choosing to ignore you!

What is collar conditioning?

Before you can properly use an e-collar on a dog it is important to collar condition the dog. Collar conditioning entails stepping the dog through a series of exercises that will teach the dog what is being asked of him when he feels the stimulation. A collar conditioned dog will understand how he can “turn off the stimulation.” A dog that is not properly collar conditioned will be confused, training will not progress as easily, and the owner risks introducing more behavior problems than she solves.

What about positive reinforcement?

E-collars are not a replacement for positive reinforcement. We will also use treats and other forms of positive reinforcement during my e-collar training sessions. The result is a dog that is happy, healthy and gets more exercise because you know you will have control on long walks and off-leash hikes.

What kinds of dogs can use e-collars?

Remote training collars are often helpful when working with sporting breeds that naturally have a big range and have a high level of prey drive. An e-collar can be used on any dog, over one year of age, that is well adjusted, confidant and that already has a solid grasp of basic obedience cues. It is not suggested to use an e-collar on a dog that is timid, shy, fearful or shows signs of any type of aggression.

What will I learn?

The e-Collar Training Package will step you through the process of properly collar conditioning your dog. You will learn how to find the correct level of stimulation to use, when to use momentary versus continuous stimulation, how to use the tone button, how to improve your timing and how to use the collar to strengthen known obedience cues. The standard e-collar training package is four sessions.