Housebreaking your new dog

How to housebreak your new dog

Potty accidents can happen even with adult, previously house-trained dogs. It is not at all obvious to dogs that the potty rules in one place apply everywhere else.

Teach your new family member to distinguish between indoors and outdoors by getting him to go in a designated area and then rewarding him with treats and praise. With a little patience and supervision, your dog will soon be fully versed in toilet etiquette.

Prevent Accidents. Supervise your dog in the house. Use a crate when you are not sure if your dog is empty.

Reward your dog for going outside. Praise at the right moment, i.e. the second he starts ‘going.’ Reward with a treat after he is finished.

  • Until your dog is perfectly house-trained, don’t leave him alone except in his confinement area.
  • If you see your dog sniffing and circling in the house, take him out immediately.
  • Praise and reward your dog with a treat when he relieves himself outdoors.
  • Never yell or punish your dog for a potty accident, otherwise he may become afraid to relieve himself in front of you.

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