Pet CPR & First Aid Classes

“Improving the quality of pet’s lives, one owner at a time.”

According to the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA), one out of four more pets would survive, if just one pet first aid technique was applied prior to getting emergency veterinary care.

Join certified Pet Tech Instructor #1473, Sue Bookhout, for the one-day PetSaver™ course. The training is taught by lecture, demonstration and hands-on skill practice on demo dummy dogs and live dogs. All participants will receive the PetSaver™ Handbook and, upon successful completion of the training, participants will receive a certificate.

PetSaver™ classes are perfect for:

Any pet owner who wants to improve his or her first aid skills and learn pet CPR
Active pet owners who hike, bike or camp with their dogs
All pet care professionals
Owners of working dogs or sporting breeds
Breed club or pet related group members

Skills & Topics

Primary Assessment – In the first 15-25 seconds of you being on the scene you will know what to do and what actions to take

Rescue Breathing – Be your pet’s life support system.

Canine and Feline CPR – Administer chest compressions to pump oxygen rich blood through the body

Choking Management – Care for your conscious or unconscious choking dog

Restraining and Muzzling – Any pet that is in pain or is going to be moved into pain can and will bite.

Bleeding and Shock Management – Restraint, muzzle, elevation, direct pressure, pressure points, immobilization, shock management, and transportation.

Snout-to-Tail Assessment for Injury and Wellness – Learn a deliberate and systematic assessment from the snout to the tail of the pet with to create a base-line for your pet’s health.

Assessing the Pet’s Vitals – If you know what is normal for your pet you will be able to quickly recognize when your pet is presenting not-normal.

Pet First Aid Contents – Learn how to build your own well-stocked first aid kit for your pet.

Insect Bites and Stings and Snakebite – Definition, causes, signs, and actions for survival.

Heat and Cold Injuries – Definition, causes, signs, and actions for survival

Seizure – Definition, causes, signs, and actions for survival.

* Caring for your Senior Pet – Senior pet-izen care, signs and symptoms, risk factors, and euthanasia.
* Dental Care- Why dental care is so important to your pet’s health.


The four hour CPR & First Aid Class is $75.

The full one-day PetSaver class includes the * Caring for your Senior Petizen and Dental Care for Pets sections and is $119.

Pet Tech is the first international training program for Pet First Aid & Care. Their national network of instructors promote, “caring conscientious, responsible and loving pet ownership.” The PetSaver™ class is the most comprehensive pet first aid, CPR and care class available anywhere. “Improving the quality of pet’s lives, one owner at a time.”