The Dog Training Tools I Recommend Most Frequently

By Sue Bookhout

Below are a few dog training tools that I recommend to all of my clients.* Rest assured, I personally use all of the products you see here. I only recommend products that I trust and that will be a good investment for you. Dog Training Treat Pouch Rewarding your dog is an important part of…

How to get started with dog agility training

How to Get Started with Dog Agility Training

By Sue Bookhout

If you’re looking for a really fun activity that you can do with your dog, you should check out dog agility training. It’s fun for both you and your dog and it keeps you fit. Plus it feels good picking up trophies at the end of each competition. Dog agility training will take some time…

Overweight dog

How to Know if Your Dog is Overweight

By Sue Bookhout

Did you know that obesity in pets is defined as just 15% over their ideal body weight. That is just a seven pound gain in a 50 pound dog. Just like people, overweight cats and dogs are at greater risk of health problems, including hypertension, cardiac fatigue, pancreatitis, diabetes and colitis. Excessive weight gain can…

Loose leash walking a dog

How to train loose leash walking

By Sue Bookhout

It’s no fun when your dog takes YOU for a walk!  Plus, pulling while wearing a collar can actually damage your dog’s throat. It’s important to train loose leash walking to spare your arms—and your dog’s trachea. Since our dogs spend most of their time outside on-leash, training them to walk without pulling is better…

Puppy Socialization

The Rule of 7s in puppy socialization

By Sue Bookhout

I recently read a piece on puppy socialization that I thought made a lot of sense. It’s the Rule of Sevens. It says that by the time your puppy is 7 weeks old it should be exposed to the following situations: Been in 7 different, safe locations Eaten from 7 different containers Met at least…

Boy and his dog

What is the No Free Lunch Policy?

By Sue Bookhout

The No Free Lunch Policy is a training strategy that uses everyday situations to reward good manners and practice obedience without setting aside hours of special practice time. Applying the principle of the No Free Lunch Policy is simple. Whatever your dog wants, he has to work for. The No Free Lunch Policy is a…

Housebreaking your new dog

How to housebreak your new dog

By Sue Bookhout

Potty accidents can happen even with adult, previously house-trained dogs. It is not at all obvious to dogs that the potty rules in one place apply everywhere else. Teach your new family member to distinguish between indoors and outdoors by getting him to go in a designated area and then rewarding him with treats and praise.…